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Best Tasting Wine

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | WINE TOURS | 13 Oct, 2022 | 1,270 Views

There are very few things that will never go out of fashion. Like a genuine—not knockoff—Rolex, a silver seraph Rolls Royce, priceless paintings like Monalisa, and of course, the best of wines.

Like every timeless piece is handcrafted by the best of the best, vintage wines are manufactured from the finest of grapes; those carefully picked and separated from the stems. These handpicked grapes are thoroughly washed and crushed until they give out their juice called “must”, which is allowed to ferment in the primary fermentation containers. And wine yeast is added to complete the process. The end result is always a good wine.

Can You Tell The Best Tasting Wine?

You definitely cannot tell a good wine from a bad one except you are an excellent wine taster. Becoming an excellent wine taster starts with your palate. To develop the palate of a professional wine taster, you need to sample a variety of high-quality wines—the finest of them to be precise.

When it comes to sampling a variety of wines, don’t rush to a wine store to pick up wines from different countries. Neither should you start reading the description on any wine bottle you can find. These are not the perfect ways to be a professional taster. Here is what you should do.

Northern California Region for The Best Tasting Wine

You need to visit the home of the finest of wines—San Francisco, California. You need to visit places like Napa ValleySonoma ValleyRutherfordRussian RiverLivermore, and what have you. You need to visit the best wineries, in these places, where you will see, swirl, smell and sip the best of wines at the right temperature.

To make your wine tour to any of these wine counties, fun and exciting, don’t go alone. Go with your soulmate, lover, or friends riding on one of the 1st Classic Stretch LimosSUVs, or Executive Class Sedans. That way you will appear in style just like the professional wine tasters.

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