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Rutherford Wine Tasting

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | WINE TOURS | 13 Oct, 2022 | 1,740 Views

In 1838, George Yount rendered some untold services to General Mariano Vallejo. His reward was eleven thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven acres of land. Twenty-six years after, Yount gave one thousand and forty acres, of the land to his granddaughter and her husband as a wedding gift. Her name was Elizabeth, and her husband’s name was Thomas Rutherford.

Thomas Rutherford, towards the end of the eighteenth century, began to grow grapevines and eventually over the years mastered the art of producing high-quality wine. So began the history of wine and winery in Rutherford.

Although Thomas Rutherford had long gone, the town, Rutherford, with its small population of fewer than a hundred households still boasts of the quality of the wine. Scattered across the town are wineries where wine tasters derive pleasure from touring the wineries and tasting the best of wines in Napa Valley.

Wine Tasting In Rutherford

If you are a lover of the finest of wine, then Rutherford is the perfect place with the best views in Napa Valley. However, touring historical wineries and tasting handcrafted wines in Rutherford is incomplete until you ride in style. The best of wine tasters ride in style in the 1st Classic Limousine Car Service.

1st Classic 10 Featured Rutherford VineyardsAt 1st Classic, we are known for taking wine tasters from winery to winery in Napa Valley. Our cultured chauffeurs know the small town of Rutherford like the back of their hands. They are professionally trained to make your wine tour and tasting exciting and comfortable. Whether you are riding in our Stretch LimosSUVs, or Executive Class Sedans, the experience is the same—you will be riding in style.

Visit Rutherford today, book online, or call (8000 658-5679


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