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Wine Tasting for Dummies

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | NEWS AND UPDATES | 13 Oct, 2022 | 1,461 Views

Wine is undoubtedly one of God’s most pleasurable gifts to man. Wine tasting for dummies as expected is fun, and for a good reason- it may have a certain level of alcohol in it. Dummies here refer to persons who know little or nothing about wines.

Whether you’re already an acclaimed connoisseur or a newbie still trying to find your way in the marvelous world of wines.

Here’s what to know for Dummies on Wine Tasting…

There’s no universally approved dress code for wine tasting, you can wear whatever you want. It’s even more prudent to wear what you are most comfortable in since you may be putting alcohol in your system.

Nevertheless, try not to wear white or it's like so you don’t look a mess if the wine spills on you.

Dummies Tasting the wines…

First and foremost, you need to know the wine, this means you must be able to identify the brand, the year of production, the expiry, the alcohol content if any, and the ingredients used.

That way, you are informed before you taste the wine.

Now that you know the wine, it is about time to taste the wine.

Regardless of the size of the serving cup, you are not expected to drink it all at once, do not forget you are there to taste the wine, it is not a drinking competition.

How to taste…

Take your time by savoring the feeling of every wine you taste, swirling it in your mouth, and holding up the glass to the light or against a white background so that you can see the color and clarity. Perceive it, and ask questions if any.

The ability to identify wine is a great turn-on for a lot of people. Yes, you read right!

If it turns out that the wine irritates your taste bud, you can spit it out but that is the more reason why tasting is done by taking sips, do not rush it, just sip it.

On to the next Wine Tasting Glass…

Don’t just reach for the next glass of wine, ask yourself, did I have to consciously fight the urge to drink more? Did it have a lingering flavor? Was spitting it out your mouth a relief? It’s even better to drink a little water so you won’t have any remnant taste from one wine while tasting another.

How do you arrive at the venue for the wine tasting?

At 1st Classic Limousine, we have accommodating and knowledgeable guides who will double as your chauffeur, they are experienced and can provide non-intimidating answers to questions that will arise during the tour.

This is more suitable for dummies because we will ensure you are back at home safely, you cannot afford to drive especially if the wines you tasted are alcoholic.

What are you waiting for? Call us at (800) 658-5679 for Booking to plan and execute the wine-tasting tour for you, your naive friends, family, friends, business associates, and connoisseurs.

Happy Wine tasting!


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