• Wedding Transportation Etiquette

    Weddings are beautiful events, People come together from all works of life to celebrate the love existing between the couple.

    wedding couple in a limousine

    A very important but most neglected aspect of the wedding is the transportation arrangement for the bridal party and the out of town guests.

    The ideal thing to do is to arrange for a transportation means that would convey the guests to the venue of the wedding/reception if the event is taking place in different places.

    Where the out of town guests are on the high side then extra and befitting arrangements should be made to convey them from their hotels to the venue and back ensuring that no one is left stranded.

    Transportation etiquette is key

    To avoid a gloomy atmosphere at your wedding ceremony, Transportation etiquette is key.

    You can go the extra mile way to make your wedding an unforgettable memory for your out of town guests by arranging a tour of the city or a wine country tour as a pre-wedding celebration.

    As part of our unique service delivery in driving a high transportation etiquette, we provide non-alcoholic drinks suitable for the weather depending on the duration of the journey during the events at no extra cost. We set the tone for an enjoyable moment.

    We know how important the guests are to your wedding, hence the need to trust us with the safety and general comfort of conveying your esteemed guests to your wedding ceremony.

    We take pride in having the right vehicle for any occasion, be it transportation out of state or within the state.

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