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The Advantages of Hiring Cars (or rental transportation) and Why You Need To Hire Us.

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | OUR SERVICES | 11 Oct, 2022 | 1,251 Views

Apparently, there are reasons many individuals, some who are car owners and others who are not, hire cars. This may be alternatively called Car Rental Service. To the latter, it could imply economic challenge while to the former, it could imply a dilemma arising from the Scale of Preference. I mean, difficulties that arise from placing your priority. However, these challenges overlap at some point in time. Regardless of what it is, here are five advantages of Car Rentage (or hiring a car).

Territorial/Border Challenge.

many peoples’ destinations differ from time to time, one could aim to travel transborder in which the cost-benefit analysis of car hire is economically enticing and pocket friendly than going with a personal car. Car hiring is pocket friendly when it requires you to travel through a non-motorable route, that is, involving international border travels where you will pass over large water bodies such as Oceans and Seas. The water transportation system (Ship or Boat services) is one of the most effective transportation systems after the Air transportation system in this situation. As motors are more expensive to move, for example, airlift for personal usage in the destination country, car hire like 1st Classic Transportation is readily available for booking at a pocket-friendly price.


To hire a car service implies hiring a professional service. This is because the chauffeur comes with a fascinating road navigation experience that ordinarily a private individual will find difficult to accumulate. Hence, there is relative confidence in the assurance of arriving destination in a timely. At 1st Classic Transportation, our record with clients speaks for itself. We have been tested and therefore trusted.

The convenience of Long Journey Travels.

Sometimes, road travel may require covering distances that put stress on the body for driving. This may sometimes, cause jetlag and in fatal cases, muscle spasms that may render a driver immobile while in motion which could result in an accident. With car hire, professional chauffeurs are accustomed to difficulties as this, in fact, in extreme cases, multiple chauffeurs are provided for shifts to ease the stress. With 1st Classic Transportation, you can be rest assured that you have nothing to worry about as we have you covered. Convenience and comfortability on busy roads will afford you time to attend to other pressing issues which include resting while the car is in motion.

Cost Affordability.

Depreciation is one factor that no asset owners (car owners inclusive) can run away from. In the event of cushioning one’s depreciation cost, car renting comes handy as you need not worry about considering depreciation as you drive around. For the car hiring company, the depreciation risk is spread across customers and so, it comes to you as a  lesser reason to worry when you pay the average cost that appears as service payment.

Alternative Option.

car renting provides you with an alternative option to driving one’s personal car. In cases where one does not have complete legal documentation with respect to an invalid driver’s license or under legal restriction to not drive, hiring a car comes as an attractive option. Also, there may be a need to drive in luxury that economic power may not afford at a point in time, car hire often affords you the opportunity to ride in luxury to scale up social status at a social event. Therefore, the headache of how I buy myself an exotic car when I cannot afford it presently is solved.

All of these advantages (and many more) are what we offer at 1st Classic Transportation.

Reach out to us today for a booking.


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