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    When it was first manufactured in 1902, it was designed in such a way that the driver would have to sit outside under a covered compartment. And in a harsh weather, the driver would wear a cloak with the hood raised like that of the shepherds who once lived in Limousin, the administrative region of France. It was documented that the driver’s covered compartment was designed like the raised hood of the shepherds’ cloak in Limousin. And that was where the car got its unique name from—the limousine.

    White Limousine showing

    In 1928, a coach company, Armbruster, decided to be creative and innovative with the limousine. They chose to stretch it. This gave birth to what we now referred to as the stretch limousine. This stretch limousine would later become the favorite car for transporting famous band leaders, their bands, and equipment. That was what earned stretch limousine its nickname, the big band bus.

    Over the years, the big band bus or stretch limousine went through series of makeover until it was turned into a very classy and luxury car. It drivers were no longer referred to as drivers; they became chauffeurs. The chauffeurs are no longer under covered compartment, they are now inside the car but shielded away from the passengers. For the passengers, luxury was redefined in the interior of the car. It is no longer just a car; it could pass for a home or mini club.

    Ride In Luxury Stretch Limousine

    The limousine is no longer for traveling artistes; it is a car for anyone who wants to enjoy luxury at its peak. The stretch limo has become the trusted companion of those who are celebrating their bachelorette or bachelor party, wedding party, traveling, tours and executives who are attending business meeting or fans going for sporting events.

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