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Fun Things to Bring on Vacation

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | ANNOUNCEMENT | 14 Oct, 2022 | 1,578 Views

Once in a while, those who work in busy cities want to get away from the choking and energy-draining daily activities. Most organizations also know that it is necessary for their employees to go on vacation to rejuvenate and be ready to come back to work refreshed. Even those who are busy business owners also take time off from their busy schedules—they go on vacation.

List Of Few Important Items To Bring Along When Going On Vacation

Going on vacation will require that you move away from your usual place to another environment where you will soak in the new environment. When on such a vacation, people know how to pack the necessary things that will make it worthwhile. However, there are some fun things you can bring on your vacation, regardless of where you are going. They are:


Yes, whether you are a lover of music or you enjoy listening to inspirational talks, you need to go on vacation with your iPod. With a tiny iPod, you can have hundreds of your choice of music and inspiration talks housed in it.

Voice Recorder:

Maybe, you think voice recorders are meant for journalists alone; it is not. You too can have a voice recorder on your vacation. You may need to record some exciting moments or do mini-documentaries. Someday, it may come in handy to listen to them all over again. Or, it can become useful research materials.

Digital Camera:

Yes, I know these days the megapixels of some mobile phones are ten times better than that of some digital cameras. However, it is still lots of fun taking pictures with your personal digital camera, especially if you are not traveling alone, but with your family or friends.

Personal Diary:

Vacation is always exciting and one of the things that make it more fun is your personal diary. As such, you can write down things you want to remember and your personal thoughts regarding the places you will visit or the people you will meet.


Sunglasses are always cool stuff especially when you are visiting a place in summer. Also, have you heard that almost everyone looks “smashing” wearing sunglasses like Trinity from Matrix?

Lastly, the fun will be incomplete until you ride in our Executive Classic Stretch LimousineSUVSprinter, or Sedan. That way, you will be chauffeured by the best of chauffeurs who know the City and its landmarks. They will pick you up from the Airport and take you to your destination. Even if you need to move around the City, you don’t have to worry about the traffic.

Before you embark on your vacation, book a ride with 1st Classic Airport Transportation Limousine Sedan Service or call us at (800) 658-5679.


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