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Evolution of Transportation Medium

BY: CHRIS FAGBOLU | NEWS AND UPDATES | 11 Oct, 2022 | 1,320 Views

Transportation with 1st Classic Transportation is a lifelong system that people are using to their advantage in moving from one place to the other. It is a system that has served and still serving generations of humanity. The evolution in the transportation system with companies like 1st Classic Transportation has brought relief and more accessibility for mankind in different spheres- space travel, air travel et al.

This post seeks to examine how transportation has evolved over the years.

To start with, if leg-walk could suffice as a form of transportation then, arguably the leg would be the oldest form of transportation and by extension, suffice as the most relatively reliable means of movement. Around the world, many still rely on the leg to move around for short distances (and long distances by extension). It is so reliable that parlances like Legedisbenz and Footwagen (apparently coined with respect to Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen respectively) are common among the people of Nigeria and some parts of Africa.

Ancient Boat.

It is documented that boats were the earliest means of transportation according to Tuan C.N (2022) on ThoughtCo. The historical record has it that the colonizers of Australia were the earliest people to cross the sea by boat. The first boat was adequately made with a log which is not as modern as what is obtainable in the contemporary. From the onset, technological innovation created the idea of Horse and Cart (Wheeled Vehicle)

Horse and Cart (Wheeled Vehicle).

This particular is controversial as to the precise period or date horses started to be used as a means of transportation but some scholars were thought to have used some parameters to predict the earliest period horses were engaged as a means of transportation. Some of these parameters include genetic factors in horses, resettlement among herders of horses et al. The animals came in handy in moving luggage and they served mankind well with their natural inherent strength. Horses were used to wheel carts as well.

Steam Engines.

Steam engines came into being late1760s. Then, it came with the name steamship. The steamship was used by Claude de Jouffroy to ferry people to ascertain their reliability of it. Power generated by a steam engine was used to power other mechanisms such as modern boats as at then. Onward development then birthed Locomotive powered engines.

Locomotive Powered Vehicles.

Richard Trevithick invented the world’s first road locomotive. This he named the “Puffing Devil”. Locomotives were (and still are being) used on roads and rails. This shifted concentrated attention to the steam engine. The likes of Matthew Murray of Holbeck and Stephenson modernized the locomotive and make it more commercially appealing and strong enough to ferry heavy loads. Locomotive rail was useful during the industrial revolution in Europe as it was used to convey a large volume of goods, tools, and humans from one location to other. However, the locomotive shortcomings were visible in the area of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Thereafter, transportation evolved through another phase that was ordinarily unimaginable. The submarine. This transportation medium involves movement beneath the surface of the water. The submarine is common to military institutions due to its relative stealth nature.

Cornelis Drebbel is arguably the first person to invent a navigable submarine. The improvement of the submersible came thereafter in the aspect of the durability of submersibility and source of power. The Spanish military was the first to use electric-powered submarines in 1888. Subsequently, speed improvements were improved.


In 1903, the Wright brothers – Wilbur and Orville invented the first aircraft. This ushered in a sharp turnaround in the transportation system. Aircraft came with what would be termed comfy transportation and the speed reflects a better one. Its improvement came with more space to accommodate passengers that enable them to travel longer distances (internationally especially) within a shorter time frame compared to what is obtainable in previous inventions. Aircraft serve many purposes which include military service etc.


Before the advent of Spacecraft, it is a belief that space is out of reach as non of the means of transportation invented are able to access space. Technology soon made that belief a reality with Russia being the first to launch a spacecraft called Sputlink. This apparently triggered other countries with the capacity to invent theirs.

These inventions soon became a focal point of improvement for nations with the capacity to develop and modernize. The locomotive soon turned to modernized electric-powered engines- electric-powered trains, cars, and even solar-powered engines.

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