• luxury sedan at airport

    Here at 1st Classic Limousine, we understand that time is money, and that wasting valuable time means losing on an opportunity. By renting one of our limousines. You make sure that you do not waste time on renting cars, and in driving through congested and long roads.

    As a traveling executive, you can transform our limousine into your own traveling office. Catch up on your work, and utilize the most out of your busy schedule.

    With our corporate Limousine and Luxury Sedan, you can make a great first impression on your visiting VIP and out of town clients by simply scheduling a limousine to pick them up from the airport. Trust that our well-attired drivers will meet them with a certified manner and a smile. In conclusion, we are the perfect solution for any business executive that wants to kick back and enjoy the little free moments that are available.