• bachelors singing at party

    The night before you enter into the sacred bond of marriage is sure to be one of the most memorable of your life. For the bachelor-bachelorette party limousine, one last night with your friends-adventured in bars, wild escapades and vivacious consumption of tasty alcoholic drinks that help you say goodbye to the single life. At your party, nothing is more important than your fun and your safety. You can count on our professional drivers to drive you around town in one of our Bachelor Bachelorette Party Limousine.

    Our bachelor bachelorette party limousine rental service can take you to the restaurant, bar, club, or travel from place to place around the city as late as you want to go!

    Let 1st Classic Limousine’s stretch or SUV limos be the transportation for your entire bachelorette party limousine, making your wild night safe, fun and memorable, as you are driven wherever you wish to go by a highly professional and accommodating limousine Chauffeur.