• San Francisco City Tours

    In San Francisco, tourism is one of our largest private sectors. Our landmarks are globally recognized and they attract local and foreign tourists like you. Visiting landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Lombard Street amongst others which are used as landscape shots for the all-time famous sitcom, Full House isn’t a bad idea.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    GoldenGate Bridge

    When visiting San Francisco as a tourist, there is a significant landmark you don’t want to miss. It is certainly the most beautiful and certainly most photographed bridge in the world. It is the Golden Gate Bridge. When it was opened, it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world. Tourists like you and the American Society of Civil Engineers tagged it as one of the wonders of this modern world. For tourists, it is more than what it is; it is yet another magnificent landmark.

    Alcatraz Island

    San Francisco Alcatraz Island

    It was an island with developed facilities for a lighthouse, military fortification and prison, and Federal prison. That was until 1963. Fast forward into the present, the small island is nothing, but a national recreational area for tourists visiting San Francisco. In less than 15 minutes, you can reach Alcatraz Island from Pier 33 and then unite yourself with histories that abound on the island.

    Lombard Street

    Lombard Crookedest Street

    If you are touring San Francisco for the first time, your tour isn’t complete until you have visited the “most crooked street in the world”. So it is referred to by natives and tourists. Lombard Street with its red-brick pavement and well-tended and groomed flowerbeds that blossom in bright colors during summer are much more scenic than you can imagine. I bet you will want to take pictures of Lombard Street either going up or looking down from the top.

    Cable Car

    San Francisco Cable Car

    Among the historical legacies that San Francisco can boast of is the one designed by Andrew Smith Hallidie who witnessed an accident where a streetcar slid backward and killed horses. This tragedy gave birth to the Cable Car System. This manually operated cable car system has become the “icon of San Francisco”.  Although frequently use by commuters; the vast majority of its over 7 million annual passengers are tourists like you.

    Let Us Give You a Tour Of San Francisco City

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