Apart from the likes of Kim Kardashian, limo rides for many are usually for that special occasion and you don’t want to get your birthday wrong to try another day. You want it to be perfect like the ones in music videos where the limo bar is stashed with enough liquor to get a platoon high.

    right limo ride

    So, before you dive into booking that limo ride take a few moments to take care of the where, when, who and the how long questions.

    When are you taking this ride?

    Limo rides usually cost less on weekdays Mondays-Fridays and more on weekends and holidays, you may want to check the possibility of getting your crew together on one of those weekdays

    Where are you going?

    It is important to choose your location as that will also determine the pick-up point(s) and how long the ride will last which will eventually determine the costing

    How long is the ride?

    Once the location is decided “how long” can be calculated as well as the quantity of what and what not to bring along

    Who are you inviting along?

    Make a list of your team and ensure you get a limo with extra space for say one extra body. If your total is 4 get a limo for 6 so you can be sure that if that your crazy cousin stages a surprise visit with his girlfriend you’d have enough space to contain them—containing their excesses is now left for your discretion.

    Once you have crossed these items on your checklist, you can now make that call to book the limo don’t forget to confirm the packages that are available, find out what is included to guide you in deciding what to bring on the limo ride.

    Lastly be sure that the limo has all your desired options; TV, DVD player, a sound system or car phone and don’t forget to plan ahead for some fun things to do in the limo ride.

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