• Missing a flight can be in the least a serious complication and to many an economic catastrophe. Either for work or leisure, trust me, you don’t want to be in the unfortunate situation of missing a flight and being left cold at an airport or on the way to catching a flight.

    You don’t want to be that guy!

    Check out these 3 Plus 1 Very Important Ways To Avoid Missing Your Flight

    avoid missing your flight

    1. Pack your luggage a few days to your flight, do not exceed the regulation weight and obey airline travel regulations do not pack marijuana (what is it called these days?) despite the laws in some states you must know that marijuana is not allowed on flight. Read, obey to avoid being hauled for a security check.
    2. Online Flight check in is made available by majority of the airlines, take advantage of it to save you time when you get to the airport.
    3. Know it all, perhaps this is the only time in your life that it will be allowed to be a Mr./Mrs. Know-it-all.When it comes to your flight schedule there is not limit to what you should know; you must know your boarding gate, know your flight number, listen to public address systems just case there is a re-scheduling announcement—airlines sometimes reschedule flights due to reasons such as weather and they announce this via text messaging, emails and PA’s, listen to any such instructions and obey them.Know that it is allowed to make inquiries when in doubt.

    PLUS 1. Arrive early to avoid missing your flight

    Do not take your transportation to the airport for granted simply because there are so many readily available transportation options.

    You don’t want to be caught googling “how to get to the airport cheap” or “I need a ride to the airport” when it is 2 hours to your flight, especially if you have an early morning flight. App-based ride services might not be a good option as most of the operators do not start as early as you will need them to catch that early flight.

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